Ice Shaker

Donate an Ice Shaker to a Deployed Troop!

Ice Shaker and Troopster Donation Corp

As a veteran-operated charity that sends care packages to deployed service members, Troopster Donation Corp relies on the generosity of outstanding American businesses to fund this worthy cause.  As such, we’re proud to announce that Ice Shaker, former NFL player Chris Gronkowski’s company, is our charity’s first official corporate partner.  

Ice Shaker and Military Workouts

As soon as you read a description of the Ice Shaker, you can tell that it’s a product cut from the same cloth as America’s rugged warriors, fitness fanatics who will turn any obstacle, door frame, or patch of dirt into a savage military workout.  When you walk by service members doing squats with .50 caliber machine guns on their shoulders under the relentless glare of a 120 degree desert sun, you know they need the right gear to fuel them.  Ice Shaker is a rugged, stainless steel protein shaker that not only keeps your drinks cold, but also can withstand the bumps and bruises of a military workout.  

Want to Donate an Ice Shaker to a Deployed Troop?

Awesome!  If you’d like to put an Ice Shaker in the hand of a deployed service member but don’t know anyone overseas, you can make a tax-deductible purchase of the Gronk Ice Shaker Donation Box directly from Troopster Donation Corp.  Unfortunately, many deployed troops don’t have loved ones back Stateside to send them care packs.  For these service members, Troopster Donation Corp offers an opportunity to request free care packages.  We then keep a running (and ever growing!) list of troops who have requested these free packs, and, when we receive a donation from a generous American, we use that donation to send a pack to a troop in need.  

Purchase the Gronk Box for Your Troop

If you have a loved one overseas, send a personalized Gronk Ice Shaker Box directly from our for-profit website,  Add photos and notes from home, and give your deployed troop the gear to make the most out of a military workout!  

Thanks Ice Shaker, for supporting Troopster Donation Corp!

Ice Shaker bottle image