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Thanks for visiting Troopster Donation Corp, a veteran-run military charity and registered 501(c)(3) corporation designed to ensure all deployed troops receive care packages.  

We work as a military charity partner with Troopster, a for-profit business that lets friends and families of service members buy and send personalized care packages online.

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How Do Troopster and Troopster Donation Corp Work Together?

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Our Mission

As a military charity, Troopster Donation Corp strives to provide all deployed troops, regardless of service, a care package in order to show these troops the love and support they deserve.

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Tax-deductible Donation

Option 1: You can make a tax-deductible monetary donation directly to Troopster Donation Corp. We use 100% of our charitable donations to buy and ship care packages to these service members.


We have two great options for individuals wanting to support our military charity. 

note: If you prefer option 2, we also have the option to provide your contact info to the adopted service member so he or she can thank you.

Adopt A Troop

Option 2: If you’d prefer a more personal option, you can adopt a troop by purchasing a donation box with Troopster Donation Corp. and a deployed service member will receive the donation box of your choosing.


Business and Charitable Organization Support

As a military charity, we often receive inquiries from businesses and other charitable organizations about partnerships.  If your organization is interested in partnering or working with Troopster Donation Corp, please contact us, and we will work together to figure out a great relationship.